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After hosting conversations with many Action Learning Facilitators, it became apparent that through the process of helping others evolve, the facilitators encountered growth within themselves. Often we overlook those facilitators, mentors, coaches, advisers and teachers who extend themselves for the sake of our development, without considering their personal desire for the same. Therefore, this journal is designed to serve the self-mastery journey of Action Learning Facilitators. The aim is for you to feel energised and humbled by the process, while appreciating the idea that your presence awakens learning in a space where stillness is your primary facilitation tool.


This journal consists of various reflection nuggets to capture the fullness of your experience as an Action Learning Facilitator. It follows a specific outline:

  • A description of 10 relevant themes
  • The ABCs of each theme to capture the crux of the message
  • A QR code to expand on content
  • Personal activities for a deeper expression of Self
  • Reflection questions relating to each theme


May this work enrich your spirit… It is not solely about what you do, but also about who you are becoming through what you do.

Printed: Growing Through Reflection: A Journal for Action Learning Facilitators

  • This is a printed copy of the journal.

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